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The Chinese developer made the game very similar to the Dahu Wilderness

Legend of Zeldi: The dirt of the wilderness was a great success, and it may not be surprising that other developers want to be inspired. Some, however, have gone a long way, transmitted by PCGamesN.

Chinese developer miHoYo announced a new game called Genshin Impact, which has a mild resemblance to Daho Wild.

The game will be launched on PC in spring next year, but a week-long beta game has been launched. Genshin Impact, which you can see in a trailer released earlier this month, is described as an open world action game.

Screen shot from Gensh's influence. Do you look familiar? Photo: miHoYo

They are criticized

As the trailer shows, it can obviously climb to every possible surface, fly with dragons, and fight with robot monsters that shoot with laser beams. The latter are very similar to the Guardian devices from Zelda.

In addition, the fire plays an important role, but, among other things, it is an opportunity to fire the grass, also a very recognizable element of Nintendo's great title. Genshin Impact offers both cooking and parental care, and both have a style that excites clear associations.

As the Abacus reporting site, the game is already criticized for the apparent plagiarism of Nintendo games, as many development engineers believe it will help Chinese developers in a bad light.

Developer at Ubisoft in Shanghai went on to write Chinese microblogging Weibo that Chinese developers will be finished if Genshin Impact becomes popular.

Sam developer, miHoYo, a relatively large developer in China, replied to criticism, recognizing that the game inspired inspiration from Daha wild but did not apologize.

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