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– The driver had an angel guard, it’s a matter of milliseconds and millimeters.

The witness told the PRC after the accident that happened in the Trodal tunnel on the E39 between Bergen and Førde just before 2 p.m.

She and her family were stopped at the entrance to the tunnel by a car that had returned after the landslide and had not seen the incident itself.

Inside the tunnel stood a wrecked car. He had a stone of about one ton in the roof.

A man in his 40s driving a wrecked car was not injured. Another car was punctured while driving into the rock behind that car.

She was in shock

– If this was our car, my sister and I would be killed now. It really bothers me when I think about it, the witness says.

She said the mood among the people in the city is strong and everyone is in shock.

– We cared and comforted each other. There was also a lady who came to share ice cream, the witness said.

She described him as staring hard at a wrecked car and a shocked driver.

– My sister and I were a little scared to drive through tunnels no.

Closed until late in the evening

A team of reindeer were inside the tunnel Thursday night, working to pull out the stone. They also checked to see if there was anything else loose.

“It’s so big it most likely has to blow it up,” says traffic operator Tor Evensen at the road traffic center.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration reports that Matreberg and Trodaltunnelane are open to free traffic.

The Trodal tunnel on the E39 near Matra on Masfjord is one of the busiest parts of the road in western Norway, between Bergen and Ålesund. In addition, two more tunnels, the Matreberg tunnel and the Masfjord tunnel, were closed to prevent traffic chaos inside the tunnel.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration requires that large cars be driven on County Road 57 via the ferry connection between Sløvåg and Leirvåg in Fensfjorden.

Passenger cars can also be driven via the Masfjordnes ferry connection on County Road 571.

Long lines at E39 in Masfjorden after stones fall from the roof of the Trodal tunnel

CHAOS: The closure of the tunnel led to chaos on the main road between Ålesund and Bergen.

Photo: Tips

Long lines

The closure of the tunnel led to long lines, said one of those standing in line.

– I went down the lower tunnel before Matre, I also entered the small one and then the barrier was stopped, says Rolf Sanne Gundersen.

He was on his way from Bergen to Førde and says the road is closed in both directions.

– Cork got used to this here, and the junior started playing. Many others will probably have to settle for that. We’ll probably stand here in the rain. It may look like it will take some time.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has sent conductors to the city to sort out queues and direct cars to bypass roads further along the coast.

Due to the turn, long lines waited to take the ferry to the Duesund-Masfjordnes connection.

– We have set up a waterfront guard to deal with the chaos on the waterfront, says regional manager in Fjord 1, Geir Vangen.

On Thursday night at ten o’clock they are taking a new assessment of whether they will do something more, but that depends on how many cars are on the waterfront.

Order in Duesund-Masfjordnes

ROW: There were long lines in Duesund-Masfjordnes.

Photo: Rolf Sanne-Gundersen

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