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The Rema store closed after finding the rats

Rema 1000 at Xhibition Mall closed due to rats.

CLOSED: Regional director Arild Remme in a Rema 1000 vest says the store will not open this weekend. Fred Ivar Utsi Klemetsen

The rat was first registered on Friday, which meant the grocery store closed at 8pm the same evening.

BA was the first to report a rat finding.

On Saturday morning, dogs were searched in and around the room.

– We immediately took over the consequences and closed the store. We were called pest control society. The two companies went through the premises and beyond to see where it came from, says regional director Arild Remme of Remo 1000 West.

JOB ON BREAK: Regional Director Arild Remme of Rem 1000 Vests was in the room Saturday to discover a rat problem. Fred Ivar Utsi Klemetsen

– It could be an excavation

That the rat entered the center may be related to the excavation work just outside the door of Olav Kyrres, believes both Remme and center owner Ole Warberg.

A hole in the building was discovered Saturday afternoon.

– A finder (dug tunnel, red.anm) previously completely closed has been discovered in connection with the excavation work for the Olav Kyrres Gate, Warberg says.

Warberg was supposed to provide access to a hole previously tinned, according to Warberg.

– It won't be a big hole until the rat enters. The hypothesis is that the place came up, Warberg says.

RESPONSIBLE: Landowner Ole Warberg says a hole was discovered that a rat could get into. "This is a small thing that makes a lot of mistakes," Warberg says. CLOSE Fred Ivar Utsi

The hole should be about 30×30 inches. By 5pm on Saturday, the rat had not yet been found. Warberg did not identify traces of rats.

Previously observed rats

There were previously pests in the building, which confirmed both Remme and Warberg. Then a rat was observed on the second floor.

– The last time we registered a rat was nine years ago. There are rats in downtown Bergen all the time. Therefore, it is important for the homeowner to carefully prevent it. We did it all the time, and it hasn't been noticed since, "Warberg says.

INN HERE ?: Workers are digging holes here where a dog tagged a rat in the Olav Kyrres Gate. CLOSE Fred Ivar Utsi

It doesn't open this weekend

The Rema store will not open on Saturday, said Remme, regional manager of Rema 1000.

– We're working on a blast. We have to spend the weekend exploring the house, he says.

He does not know when the Rema 1000 store will reopen.

– We want to make sure that we have done what we can first. With that said, we need to make sure the homeowner has done everything to ensure that this does not happen again, he says.

– Loss of about half a mill.

Warberg rental manager, on the other hand, believes the store will be able to reopen on Monday.

"We believe in clearing in the evenings," Warberg says.

The Rema 100 store lost all-day sales.

"That's about half a million crowns," Remme says.

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