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The toll chief had to go – holding a million parachutes

Anne-Karin Sogn has been dismissed from her job as a Mountain Line manager after revelations about illegal procurement, unfinished employment and heavy spending. The administration has now decided to keep its salary at 1.4 million.

Former head of the mountain line, Anne-Karin Sogn.

Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix / Mountain Line


– The 2011 labor agreement stated how to remedy the situation, says chairman Cato Hellesjø for VG / E24.

– We consider it a termination. That part of the agreement applies where he is fired for three months as well as nine months' pay.

Her final deal was criticized when it was announced NRK earlier this week.

So the CEO confirms that the severance agreement will pay off – despite criticism.

VG / E24 gained access to Sogn's employment contract. It also stated that she would not be entitled to severance pay if she resigned or was fired.

If she had to receive other benefits, receive severance pay in nine months, then that amount would be deducted, says the employment contract with Fjellinen.

Not dismissal

On Tuesday, it became known that Sogn is retiring as CEO of a publicly owned toll road.

Alternatively, the board could have decided to fire her. According to the Law on Working Environment, a person requires a person «guilty of gross breach of duty or other material breach of employment contract".

However, the board does not believe that the conditions are so severe and therefore do not take the severance pay in the millions:

– It is also true that there is a clause that says severance pay may terminate. The board agrees there was no significant breach, Hellesjø says.

Since June, the PRC has made several releases around the Mountain Line, including expensive travel, high costs and that Oslo's chief of staff has hired a former colleague as a millionaire consultant without contracting as required by regulations.

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Refers to review

Following the announcement, the Fjellinjen panel launched an investigation into the terms of the payment company. A Deloitte audit firm was hired.

– If there was no significant violation of the law, how would you define what happened?

– Deloitte criticizes. Deloitte uses those words. The board also believes that this does not correspond to any significant breach, Hellesjø says.

The replacements and early retirement agreement for Anne-Karin Sogn sparked strong reactions from Carl I. Hagen and several other Oslo city government politicians, according to the PRC.

– Why didn't anyone know what happened to recruitment and procurement?

– The Board complied with the requirements set by the Board under the Companies Act. We couldn't see it happen. The board finally learned about it and then began its own investigations, says Chairman Cato Hellesjø.

– Did others lose their jobs because of the report?

– The report points to the CEO, and the job is for the board to fill that position, Hellesjø says.

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