Saturday , June 19 2021

This is the streaming service for the Norwegians who are most satisfied

Netflix is ​​by far the largest streaming service in Norway, but it certainly is not a favorite for Norwegian users.

EPSI Rating, which explores the satisfaction of the Norwegian population with its power utility, shows that Viaplay has the most satisfied customers.

Less satisfied than last year

Basically, we are very satisfied with our power utility, we believe in EPSI. Their research shows that users believe they are getting a lot of money and are very loyal to the energy services they subscribe to. But while streaming services have become more common, expectations have also been increased – both in terms of ease of use, quality and content. So satisfaction has also decreased since last year.

"Measurement reveals a slight decline in satisfaction, but the results are still good and significantly better than the satisfaction of, for example, TV distributors," says Fredrik Høst at EPSI Rating Norway.

Netflix at the bottom

Scandinavian Viaplay is the best of this year's EPSI survey, and certainly are special families with children who prefer service. So the numbers are split, the bigger the numbers are:

Photo: EPSI

We asked EPSI's daily Fredrik Host about how he interpreted the numbers and the big difference between Viaplay and Netflix:

Director of EPSI, Fredrik Høst.

"Viaplay is probably more aware of the choice for many than Netflix – just as everyone has." Netflix also has its limit on content and lack of sports. "Netflix has a lot of content – many think it's a bit important. content and not more content The same trend we see in television distribution And then it's about getting to know their clients with the right content I think Viaplay has a good shot and has a little family-oriented profile, says Høst to

Then they came to numbers

The EPSI survey results come as a result of 750 phone interviews, with user satisfaction on the basis of three questions: how satisfied you are, how satisfied you are with your expectations, and how close your supplier is the perfect energy provider. This is evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10. Then follow about 60 questions to explain differences in customer satisfaction.

Just as different suppliers can achieve individual points, EPSI will not publish to the public. These data are reserved to companies paying them for full access to their report. So we see only the total score, showing that Viaplay is on top, followed by TV 2 Sumo and HBO.

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