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Tore Wigtil (69) earned the most in Trondheim. He does not believe in repetition

– It was not bad. It is a pity that lasts only one year, says Tore Wigtil, laughing when he heard the throne at the top of the Trondheim summit, and the other in Trondelag County.

The 69-year-old earned almost 54 million last year. This is the highest income in Trondheim, which shows the fresh figures of taxpayers. In Trøndelag, it was only the strike by salmon Gustav Witzøe who tortured him.

Wiglit can also earn 42rd place on the national income base. However, he is not familiar with this list. Earlier this year, revenue was estimated at about three million kronor before the income jumped heavily. However, Wigtil does not think he has succeeded in repeating success.

"The income is due to the fact that I sold my company to my cleaning glass. The company started in 1999 with the undersigned. Then we increased the organic sales year for a year.

Since the company is established, sales have grown every year. From just over two million in 1999 to more than 100 million in the 2017 marketing year.

"Then there was one on the track to buy with it," Wigtil said.

At this time, the cleaner had more than 200 employees. The buyer used to clean the diva 4.

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The 69-year-old has now laid a long career in an active career behind her. Already as a 14-year-old, Wigtil began as a teacher's service in a writing machine before he started acting as a child school boy at Croft Hill in Telemark. In 1968 Wigtil ended up as a student in a merchant fleet. Six years later he went to the mainland and was in the restaurant industry before he finally finished cleaning. The plan is already ready.

"Now I'm going to enjoy the otium. I've been working since my fourteen, so now I'm going to take the rest of my time.

However, Wigtil must not be completely free. After the sale was on the list with a wealth of over 40 million. To manage money, a 69-year-old has launched an investment firm.

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