Tuesday , January 19 2021

VIOLENCE . Crimea – The man was jammed in Mo and Rani

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Two people were arrested after a man was killed in a private residence in the center of Mo and Rana by night to Sunday.

Two detainees are accused of serious bodily injury, says operation manager Kenneth Magnussen in the Nordland police district at NTB.

"But that is just now, we are in the early stages of the investigation," he emphasizes.

The leader of the operation also states that there is a relationship between offensive and two arrested.

– They have a relationship, but I do not know what it is now. They belong to the familiar police shelter, "says Magnussen.

The person who was shot was sent to a hospital with a one-leg injury.

"We have not fully understood how damaged it is. What we have said is that it is not hurt and treated," the operation manager said.

The police have been notified of the incident from 3.06 nights to Sunday.

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