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Zuccarello can take care of NHL betting

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The Norwegian is among the hottest NHL players who have no contract on July 1st. The Hockey League site itself is considered the fourth quarter behind the duo of Artemia Panarina and Matta Duchene, and Joe Pavelski's San Jose Shark leader.

Zuccarello is full of 32 years in September, and the signing contract will probably be his biggest and last in NHL career. Some US ice hockey journalists write that the Norwegians want to secure a five-year deal and have not yet offered Dallas Stars, where he has played in recent months.

"How I understand, Dallas offered him a four-year contract for five years. And he will surely find it in the market, says Roy Kvatningen, NTB. He is a hockey writer and has been covering Matsa Zuccarela for years in NHL.

Kim (37) from Oslo lives a practicing dream in the NHL – can win a title with Bruin

Zuccarello throws himself into the debate: "There are now ten" bomb attacks "in the city. Occasionally sport can get some cake.

You probably have more bids

The stars are still the top club for Zuccarello, but Jim Nill's sports director has made it clear that both Dallas and Zuccarello are exploring the market. There is a recent open interview period where clubs can talk to players from other teams.

"We talked a bit with his agent, but he wants to test the market as a" free agent, "and he's right. We will talk to others, and he will, and then we will see in what direction it is, said Nill NHL.com this weekend.

Several clubs can be relevant to Zuccarello, which is one of the most sought-after NHL runners.

– I want to point out that five teams give him a bidding. I've made an analysis and there are 10-15 clubs that need top 6 runners and have a payroll for him. So, five is not so much. I will be surprised if I miss it especially there, "says Kvatningen.

Big money

When Zuccarello evaluates where he continues his career, Kvatna thinks he is thinking of two main problems: the biggest economic decision in his life and the desire to win the trophy of Stanley Cupa.

– He can, to a greater extent than before, put the emphasis on finance. There is a big difference when you add a fifth year, says the NHL expert and comes with the following example:

"I understand Dallas has given a four-year offer of around $ 5 million a year. On the market it could push it to 6 or 6.5 million in five years. Then the difference becomes big.

The difference in such thinking may be slightly over one hundred million for the overall contract (276.5 to 170 million).

Clear Monday?

NHL clubs usually want to spend a quick summer action, so Zuccarello is likely to be introduced to a new club – or Dallas – already on Monday.

– Most signs on July 1st. Then it may take some time if that is a tough decision. Many clubs want to strengthen and talk to different players, so it is risky to wait. I think we will get an answer where he ends on Monday, says Kvatningen.

Columbus Blue Jackets mentions a few as a current club for Zuccarello because they lose both Panarina and Duchene. But coach John Tortorella, who did not have much success as manager of Zuccarella in Rangers.

The Northman was previously associated with Nashville Predators, while Vancouver Canucks was interested in him last winter. Wherever it is completed, it is difficult to predict until now.

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