Wednesday , June 23 2021

3-door Flex – Agencia Orbit

Lima. – If you are one of those who like to decorate and admire the spaces with several items, but selected with great precision, it is certain that the word is "a bit smaller" part of your style because you appreciate the minimalist style. Thin colors that combine perfectly fashionable furniture that does not become scandalous and even devices that match your personality and pace of life.

So, given the expectations and lifestyle of the user, Samsung introduced its new Flex 3-door refrigerator, with an elegant design that contributes to visual compliance. The appearance of this new model reflects the new trend of design in today's kitchens: simple, clean and uncomplicated cabinet styles.

Minimalistic design for perfect visual harmony

Three doors provide a more convenient way of storing, organizing and accessing food and less cold air loss. This way you can keep your favorite and frequently used food at your fingertips, opening only one door, reducing the loss of cool air by 55%.

The screen is perfectly matched with the minimalist design of the kitchen and
modern appliances. Likewise, the water and ice device fits perfectly into the door, with the necessary controls to perform its function. All the other controls are discreetly hidden inside, but
When you open the door, it's easy to access.

Samsung continues to innovate in technology and remains at the forefront of home appliance design. All this with the aim of providing the best experience and comfort in your home, maintaining your style and features of the Samsung camera: creative innovation.

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