Friday , April 23 2021

5 euro ingame currencies

Fallout 76 had a mixed host and while some – like director John Carpenter– Enjoying staying in Appalachia, others disappointed with the first Fallout OnlineHowever, the Power Armor Edition bag has little or no justification.

For the first time, it was shown together with the release of a worth 199.99 euros, Bethesda followed the armor and other items with what he promised to be a canvas bag from the fictitious WestTek brand, whose aim is what you can see below.

However, his appearance was far beyond the one offered in video and promotional photos. As you can see in the case of a Twitter user ScottyDontTwit


Or this unboxing from the official Gamestop channel

Answer from Bethesd? over it Twitter They offered their apologies and made an unusual initiative: to offer everyone who bet on this edition of 500 atoms Fallout 76.

We understand and respect that there is a disappointment with the Power Armor Edition bag. We are sorry Please contact Bethesda Support with proof of purchase. It will help you add 500 atoms to your account.

That means about 5 euro currency game.


The less the stone, of course, although it would be unfair to say that the bag was the maximum statement of affirmation: the huge helmet of the Servoarmadure and pure collection was the real reason for this first class trip fallout on-line. The journey with which a hand luggage has a great margin for improvement.

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