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Accident in Puno: negligence of bus driver causes death of 20 people Binational Motorway Society

For prolonged hours, the number of deaths was on the rise. He reached 20 before the noon and did not rule out that he would continue to grow. And that is the frontal conflict between a bus company Yunguyo and a certain van, at the height of 296 kilometers of cBinational arretera, in addition to 38 more were injured, and several of them seriously.

According to police information, the V5C-953 two-way bus went to Tacne from Yunguyua at over-speed (over 45 kilometers per hour).

"The braking trajectories on the pavement will allow us to calculate the speed the bus had before leaving the road and giving several ring circuits," the police expert said.

Injured passengers were transported to a regional hospital in Puno and Health Center Desaguadera, which was downgraded due to the number of patients and the lack of medical staff.

Jaime Ramos Larico (36) and Julian Choquecota Jiménez (44), a driver and copilot of an interprovincial bus, are under the supervision of several survivors as accountable for accidents.

It was found that even the accused were driving while they were drunk and improperly overtaken another vehicle on the turnoff curve in the district Kelluyo, on 296 Binational Highway.

And before they went to the fatal bus, the passengers noticed that the tire was not good and that the assistant had to take it to the workshop. When he returned, the passengers just boarded. Half an hour after leaving Desaguaders, passengers noticed that the bus was slow and from the moment to the moment it started to accelerate.

"There was a combination and since the bus came to another line, there was an accident," said José Laura Huata, one of the passengers on the Yunguyo Express bus.

Edwin Calizaya Rojas, another survivor, has confirmed that they are leaving Yunguyo for gum problems. He also said it was too late to realize that the driver had "dizzy vertigo".

"When I woke up, I saw the wounded people around. The driver was dizzy. Then the police told us the country he was in," said Edwin, who arrived Yunguyo from the Promise to spend the Day of All Saints and visit his mother's grave.

They live a miracle

During the collision, the intercity bus left two in a van where Lydia Pilco Calderón (40), her husband and her two younger children were traveling.

"We could not do anything anymore." The bus came in the opposite direction, directly toward us. "They blew us," Lidia said after she had fired.

This rancher family started off Desaguadero from the community of the City of Zagreb Collana when they had an impact on the deviation curve towards Kelluyo.

Fortunately, none of them suffered any serious damage, though it was a big fright.

The driver of the combination, Edgard Quispe Mendoza, remains hospitalized with his 14-year-old son, D. Q. P.'s Initials, both of which result in moderate brain trauma and extremity fractures.


– Last night they identified Magali Bonifazio Quispe, Griselda Vargas Lima, Rufina Mamani Condori, Apolinario Pérez Condori, Beatriz Gonzales Apaza, Sabina Juchani Almanza, Lidia Quispe Ordonio, Alejandrino Calisaya Urrutia, Flora Mamani Cruz, Cecilia Condori Cama, Benancia Calisaya Mamani, Concepción Jihua Centeno and Roberto Paredes Apaza, the last Bolivian nationality.

In an accident in Puno

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