Tuesday , January 19 2021

Alibabin Singles Day breaks records with $ 31 billion


The display shows the sales volume of Alibaba's Single Day.

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An individual day of Chinese giant Alibaba has set another record for online sales.

Online purchases reached 213.5 billion yuan ($ 30.7 billion) in 24 hours, the Chinese e-commerce giant announced on Sunday. These numbers surpass their own record last year, which is $ 25,300 million. Xiaomi products, apple and Dyson ran these sales.

Named the "11/09 Global Shopping Festival," also known as Singles Day in China, this is perhaps the largest online shopping event in the world. This is an Asian version Black Friday It was made in 2009 by executive director Alibaba Daniel Zhanga to attract customers to the Tmall shopping platform.

However, the Independent Work Day has overshadowed international equivalents such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, the largest online shopping day in the United States, the days when consumers go online to make offers after Thanksgiving.

The day began as a kind of "anti-valentine day" in which the lonely hearts of China enjoy their independence by donating themselves. For comparison, last year's Black Friday reached $ 5,003 million for online sales.

More than 180,000 Chinese and international brands helped celebrate the tenth anniversary of the September 11 shopping day, which also included a special TV event featuring the names of Cirque du Soleil or Mariah Carey.

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