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Anger in Networks: Why do you say that the relationship between Anja AA and Karol G is fake?

It's true Karol G and Anuel AA They make the most controversial and best known pair of urban genres, and since the beginning of their relationship, it was considered to be all the advertising strategy for their artistic career. Indeed, during the first weeks of their courtship, both singers kept the secret of closeness they achieved thanks to their first musical collaboration withculprits".

And although they repeatedly wondered if they started an affair, they simply did not explain it. However, filming their theme in co-operation was actually a bridge for Colombians and Puerto Ricanists to start one of the most popular links in Latin music.

The first public access to the money was at the concert between the two, but on that occasion Karol G Anuela refused a kiss before all the participants. A few days later he will share the platform again, but this time is the kiss between them. Prior to this meeting, the interpreter "My Bed" confirmed the end of his relationship with the producer Bull Nene after a few years.

Then, due to constant denials on both sides, the press and fans began to speculate that the relationship they had had was nothing serious and that it was only a strategy for the benefit of two singers. It is now a confirmation that a couple will appear at the beginning of 2019 when a couple screamed their love around the world with a romantic video about "secret".

Finally, they have shown experiences that lived in a short time. It also shows a huge tattoo that was made Anuel AA all over his back as a sign of the love he feels Karol G, Currently, popular & # 39; bebecitos & # 39; continue to share their most entertaining phenomena in social networks, so their fans recapitulate them with these anecdotes.

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