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Apple will get a new three-dimensional camera for iPhone 2020 | Technology and Science Mobile phone

apple intends to launch iPhone with the more powerful 3-D camera next year, deepening the penetration of the company into a world of expanded reality, to people close to that topic.

The latest and bigger camera is designed for environmental scanning and the creation of three-dimensional reconstruction of the real world. It will work on a radius of about 4.5 meters from the device, the aforementioned persons are described in detail.

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This is in contrast to the current 3-D camera system on the iPhone, which is frontal and works at a distance of 25 to 50 centimeters as part of the face recognition function.

Apple's new system uses a laser scanner instead of the current dot-projection technology that does not work well at distances, harder sources, who have been demanding that they do not detect their identity.

This is one of several new features, including the more advanced third camera, enhanced photo capture tools and the more powerful chip that Apple plans to include in the next generation of iPhones, they added.

The 3-D camera will enhance the extended reality of the iPhone, allowing for a more accurate perception of depth and location of virtual objects.

Sources added that this could allow the capture of photographs that could better cover the depth.

Apple talks to Sony about the ability to test the sensor for the new system, one of the people explained.

Virtual reality versus Expanded Reality

As the virtual reality delivers users to the digital world, the expanded reality covers images and data in the vision of the real world. It is believed to be appealing to a mass market wider than virtual reality, and CEO of Apple's Apple praised the opportunities offered.

Camera iPhone 2020 This can be an introduction to the extensible headset that Apple prepares for next year at best.

Apple spokeswoman refused to comment on company plans.

Source: Bloomberg

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