Wednesday , July 28 2021

Attorney Amdo Enco backs lawyer Pérez: "Caso Chinchero has been a good progress" | Picture 1 of 5 | policy

Prosecutor for Combating Corruption Amado Enco was issued with respect to the decision of the Ministry of Public Sector to withdraw the state attorney José Domingo Pérez preliminary investigations by case Chinchero In this respect, he emphasized this and the actions that have been done so far.

" José Domingo Pérez He showed strenuousness in the investigation. It's true he was too saturated for cases, but Case Chinchero I have progressed quite well, "he told reporters.

In addition, there are detailed statements, rations and records of information that are in the Office of the Prosecutor. In that sense, Enco mentioned that Public ministry should strengthen their teams rather than "subtract their cases".

"We are obviously overloaded with the job, and we would like to agree with all the cases, but it is important not to take cases from prosecutors, but to give them the necessary staff and equipment so that they can work and conduct the investigation," he said.

Amado Enco

ZOILA SUENO, the prosecutor who will take the case

Nevertheless, the Prosecutor for Combating Corruption stated that he had no doubts about the integrity of the prosecutor Zoile Sueno Chirinos, the magistrate of the First Provincial Prosecutor's Office specializing in corruption offenses for which the investigation

"We do not even suspect Dr. Zoili Sueno," he said.

It should be noted that, in February last year, the plaintiff José Domingo Péreopened a preliminary investigation to former officials of the Ministry of Transport, Proinversión and Ositrán for the supplement signed by the Government and Kuntur Wasi in a concession for the construction of Chinchero Airport in Cusco.

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