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Boca Juniors vs. River Plate: Can I avoid the delay of the match? | Total Sport | World Football

This Saturday, the attention of the football world was focused on the end Cup Libertadores, in which Boca Juniors and River Plate faces must have been visible; however, the meeting was postponed due to weather disasters in Buenos Aires.

With the fun of so much passion, it is no surprise that voices have emerged, especially from social network fans, who pointed out that the situation could be avoided.

Initial programming
Meeting between mouth and river It was scheduled for Tuesday, November 6th at night, but Conmebol decided to change this Saturday's date. There are few people suggesting that, if the previous calendar was honored, the game was conducted without any inconvenience this Saturday.

It remains as a detail the fact that the South American football regulator moved the sports match this Saturday without consulting with the teams involved.

Rain forecasts before the match between river and mouth Already already had news since Friday, although the time forecasts had passed at least a few days ago.

Although the first end Cup Libertadores It is delayed until Sunday, forecasts of the National Weather Service (SNM) in Argentina show that rains will last until Tuesday.

With very high probability of heavy rainfall, it is reported from Argentina that they are leaders Boca Juniors and River Plate They will try to postpone the meeting again. Conmebol's position would be to have a meeting in any case on Sunday.

Plate and Court
Another subject of recursive discussion was the deposition of the Copa Libertadores final could be avoided, from the standpoint of conservation of the playground.

There are those who think that placing canvas on a Lawn Bombonera could prevent the court from finally flooding. Moreover, there were words that Conmebol would propose such a measure in the light of the rain forecast for mouthriver.

According to the newspaper Olé, this measure would be inadequate because setting the tarpaulin for so long has affected the lawn since it has to breathe. This is also added to the question of rainwater filtration accumulated on canvas and the environment.

Argentine media show that there is a special type of canvas that could cover the lawn, but it has a price close to half a million dollars.

In the midst of so many events, speculations and expectations, it's still hard to tell what will happen to the match between River Plate and Boca Juniors.

Yes that
Conmebol moved the game to Sunday at 14:00. (In Argentina at 16:00). The date and time of the first final between Boca Juniors and River Plate This could change in the next few hours, according to Argentine press.

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