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Boca Juniors vs. River Plate: So Argentine Press Releases About Super Finals Copa Libertadores 2018 | PHOTOS, GALLERY

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This Sunday, Boca Juniors and River Plate met in the first round of the Copa Libertadores Superfinal 2018. The game ended with a two-way connection between the two teams, which did not hold anything and put their best eleven in the match.

Four goals, an amazing atmosphere and emotions until the last moment (rescued by Franco Armani) unnoticed by the Argentine press, who showed his covers when he reported on the conflict between "xeneizes" and "millionaires" in La Bombonera.

The best elaborated title was the newspaper & # 39;oleWho chose a great rescue from Franco Armani to Darío Benedetta. Said marks the title of the tie in the following way: "The finest finals in the world". Another tabloid stole the look was 'Clarín'.


bugleOn the other hand, he decided to put an image on the cover that reflects what was happening in the game: players who left the soul in the field. In your drop you can see Izquierdos (central Boca) playing the ball with Prato, a game of character.


Newspapers & # 39;chronicle, in turn, put a very distinctive title on the first leg of the Copa Libertadores Superfinal: "Monumental Definition", which refers to the other leg. Check other tapas that has also reported this comparison.


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Boca Juniors has 6 Copa Libertadores in its history.

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