Celebrate PSG: "We have no chance to buy from Mbapp"

Rumors have it that Liverpool were very interested in signing PSG star Kylian Mbapp, and that he will make a ridiculous offer of € 250 million and will also work with Mohamed Salah in the middle to get funding.

In connection with this rumor, Liverpool Technical Director, Jurgen Klopp, spoke and denied such an issue and further reassured what he personally believed: "Mbappe? There is not the slightest chance I can reach Liverpool " adding that "I don't see any clubs that could buy you."

"No way, absolutely no"

Klopp explained why: "This is about money. No options, absolutely none. I don't see any club right now that I could buy Mbapp from PSG, that's it. "

However, make it clear that it will be a pleasure to have a sport: "From a sports standpoint, There is not much reason not to sign ... What a player! But that's not the point. "

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