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Chain of neglect created a hit for escape

Author: Henry Cotos

Flight of Rubén Moreno Oliva (a) & # 39; Goro & # 39; is committed not only by the INPE staff, but also by the National Police of Peru and the Judicial Branch. The man was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the first attack on the former regional councilor Ezequiel Nolasco Campos He left the Penal de Piedras Gordas on June 13 between 3 and 16 o'clock. respect home custody. Six days later (19) he escaped.

IN INPE improper handling has occurred. For formal nature issues, a 25-year sentence that would prevent her going into custody was not recorded. For Wilfred Pedrazu, guilty lies with those responsible for the registration of the sentence.

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The government palace was prompted by the anger of President Martino Vizcarre, who called for urgent response to Justice Minister Vicente Zeballos. The answer was the interruption of the National Criminal Investigation Council of INPE.

During the week, the judiciary and the Ministry of Justice tried to delimit, and INPE did not want to declare until new powers were appointed. Fiorela Nolasco, the daughter of the victim, Goro & # 39 ;, has clearly stated that neither the Interior and Justice Ministers, nor the Director of the PNP, José Luis Lavalle, with whom he met, gave him flight information and only guaranteed greater police protection.

Here's how they crave

The fly was preceded by a chain of ignorance of state bodies. The Second Criminal Council of the Appellate Panel of the High Court of Justice of Santa Claus sends a document from 27 December 2018 to the Director of INPE in which he asks for the registration of court records on Morena Olivi (a) & # 39; Goro & # 39;A week later, on January 4, 2019, the same court sent courthouse to Exp. 6487-2011-38-2018 and Supreme Court Execution RN 970-2015, by which the prisoner was sentenced to 25 years in prison for attempted murder for the benefit of Ezequiel Dionysios Nolasca Campos.

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However, staff rejected this document Table of parties does not contain the signature, post-signature and imprint of the complainant.

On 31 January, the Judicial Administration for the second time filed the aforementioned verdict and final judgment, but did not file a ruling, which led to its return to the competent body.

Until then, there were only procedures on both sides, but Gorovo's conviction was not registered in the appropriate register. INPE reported that by the day the prisoner was released (June 13) Judicial power did not correct this observation and it will have to take account of the judicial authority.

In a suspicious manner, the proceedings are accelerating. On June 7, the first national preparatory investigation court (case file 347-2015), in charge of Richard Concepción Carhuancho, ordered the release of detainees and custody in the house, stating in his decision that this should be carried out "as long as there is no proceedings in progress an arrest warrant or a verdict for effective deprivation of liberty until the obligation is respected ".

The measure was ordered after 18 months of preventive detention against & # 39; Goro & # 39; for the assassination of Hilde Saldarriag, the key witness of the first attack on Ezequiel Nolasco, in July 2010, in which he lost his pose, Roberto Torres Blas.

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No one was interested in INPE to check the actual state of court record "Goro". At this moment, the National Police enters. INPE asks PNP to check whether the address that Moreno Oliva sent to Domestic Prison Security has been met.

June 10th PNP Verify and give green light. On June 12th, everything is ready to go 'Goro & # 39; but co-ordination with police custody has been postponed, and only on January 13, Piedras Gordas leaves house arrest in Jr. Azángaro 1045 – Lima.

On that day, between 3 and 16, INPE's authorities put "Goro" at their disposal at the National Police Department for Criminal Justice to execute a court order.

sources INPE claim that he served only six days in house arrest, and has been serving as a fugitive from justice for 19 years. After leaving the prison, the detainee remains in police custody, so that institution must make a statement.

The case is being investigated by the State Attorney's Office INPE, in which they believe it is wrong that the EP Chimbote Criminal Records Unit on January 22 registered a Criminal Tribunal for Transitional Criminal Records (Exp. 6487-2010) convicting a convict to 25 years in prison. freedom.

INPE's internal document says EP Chimbote should not receive or record the verdict of Liquidadora's first Liquidadora del Santa Santa Closure Panel who was in EP Ancón I.

It is explained that Section 5.22 of Chapter III "The Procedure for Receiving, Processing and Registering Judicial Solutions" establishes that in cases of "the imprisonment of persons who are not physically imprisoned in prisons, they can not enroll in the criminal record system or enrollment in the book is correct, return to the judge or criminal panel, pointing to the situation of the defendant or convicted.

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– They're looking for him. A special PNP search team follows the steps of the fugitive Rubén Moreno Olivo & # 39; Goro & # 39 ;.

– Penalties. Officials of INPE would be immersed in the crime of personal overcrowding and could be closed for up to 15 years.

They filed a lawsuit against the Prosecutor's Office

– The INPE Office investigates the case and filed a lawsuit against Manuel Leonardo Asunción Portillo and Amable Violeta Rivas Costilla before the Office of the Corporate Prosecutor Office specializing in corruption offenses against civil servants filed on June 27, who are head of the Office of Prison and Technical Registration an administrative background in court and transcript of Chimbote Criminal Chambers.

– Also Rubén Moreno and those responsible for crimes of official corruption.

– After the flight, President Carlos Antonio Romero, Vice President Federico Llaque Moya and Claudett Katerina Delgado Llanos, were dismissed from the National Criminal Council.

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Vicente Zeballos, Justice Minister

"It was proven that INPE had serious administrative disadvantages, the basic thing was to contrast the file, the computer system, cross-information, but it was not done.

José Luis Lecaros, President of the Judiciary

"INPE recorded in his book of income and penitentiary expenditures that the man (Moreno Olivo) was sentenced to 25 years in prison, so the freedom he gave was absolutely improper."

Wilfred Pedraza, former head of INPE

"When the type of prison changes, the prisoner determines the address, and the PNP provides a security assessment. If it is safe, a report is issued and INPE delivers the prisoner to PNP, who is transporting and storing it."

They're looking for a record

The Court's Grandfather asked the INPE body to record the background of the convicted Goro & # 39; but it was not done.

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