Tuesday , June 15 2021

comes to the ultimate success of television in the US

After the premiere in the United States, Mayans M.C. has become the most successful debutant series this year in North America, with nearly eight million viewers (by adding different platforms). There is no lesser achievement, given that Latin casts almost entirely and multiple dialogues in Spanish. For the rest, he is confident in the second season.

But a production turnaround did not come from anything. It is a spin-off of the successful sons of anarchy, which lasted seven seasons between 2008 and 2014. The new series also focuses on bikers, only in the Mayan homos, created mostly by Mexican Americans, who in the original series have begun to be protagonists, and today they end up becoming allies. And despite the focus of the new series, the gang is not necessarily a model, which is involved in a series of criminal activities in the fictional border town of Santa Padre.

"It's the reality we see in Latin America, people who do not choose the right path to live their lives, because it's the only reality they know, but the interesting thing in this series is that it also crosses before that, how you came to that situation "says Venezuelan actress Carla Baratta (28) who plays Adelita, a woman who has suffered a loss of her family in the hands of the Cartel, and is now seeking revenge. "They are not bad or good characters, but the circumstances in which they live turn them into who they are. You can not say they are bad because at the end of the day those characters just want to protect theirs," he adds.

Venezuelan inspiration

In Chile, the series is premiered this Friday at 23.45am from Fox Premium, with the first complete cycle available on the same day at Fox App. "It's amazing that this series was created.

Not only 90% of actors are Latino, but a good part of the production team, from scriptwriters to directors. Not only is the project aimed at the Latins to be politically correct, but their soul is Latino. That's a string for Latin too, "says the actress.

Baratta, with this series playing his first role in American television, says he has taken what he lives in his native Venezuela to shape his character. "When I had to audition, there were huge student protests in Venezuela, and there were about a hundred people dead, and many times as an actress connected with the characters through feeling, and in this case it was a waste," he explains.

Whether it's necessary to update with the Sins of Anarchy to follow Mayans M.C., the actress assures that he "works for the audience," but "there are details for the followers of the previous series that are a special factor. This is a series that these fans will fill their hearts."

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