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Ecuador National team beat Panama 2-1 with the goals of J.J. I'm a self-centered Valencia

Ecuadorian football team showed several differences compared to the comparison lime November 15 This Tuesday, November 20, 2018, the tricolor team showed two faces during the match at the stadium Rommel Fernández in the second friendly game from double date from FIFA November.

While in the first 45 minutes of the game the tricolor was fairly inaccurate, for the second half and thanks to substitutions by Bolillo Gómez, the three found goals thanks to individualities Jhon Jairo Cifuente (57 & # 39;), the National Championship Shooter and Énner Valencia (87 & # 39;), another historic shooter of the National Team. Harold Cummings (84 & # 39;) for panama teams.

The nine-player change that Bolko's Gomez implemented with respect to the team shown at Lime has reduced the performance of the tricolor team that looked compact, with possession of the ball and a series of dodgers who wanted to be at least in the first 10 minutes of the game. comparing.

Panama responded in the 13th minute with a free kick from the right but the Ecuadorian defense was rejected.

Énner Valencia lacks the label Agustín Delgado

Ecuador came in for the first time on 16, when Juan Carlos Paredes led Jhon Jairo Cifuente to the right and filtered the shot for Miler Bolaños, who ended up with a goalkeeper and the Panamanian defense turned the corner. At 20:00 Panama was in the Equador area, and Xavier Arreaga was a strong sign that Abdiel Arroyo entered the area and crashed. This caused controversy because US judge Armando Villarreal had not decided for a criminal offense.

Tricolor's team had the first opportunity to open a table on 21 when Miler Bolaños swung the ball from the middle and at the edge of the pitch, trying to shoot from the right but was not in touch. The Panamanian response did not come long: on two occasions the & quot; channel & quot; caused anxiety in the Ecuadorian area. Camargo's 25 free kick 35 minutes into the match gave banlero Banguera a chance to knock it in for the opposing side of the goal. The corner kick from Abdiel Arroyo was powerfully met by the head of Béder Caicedo to make the score 1 – 0, after he saw his shot go between the legs of the advancing goalkeeper and into the net, following some good attacking movement on the right wing.

After 30 minutes, the tricycle team slowed down the revolutions in its actions shown in the first 10 minutes, and Panama used it to get into the rivals. For 42, Ecuador had another comeback in the rival area after a combination between Milera Bolosa and Jhon Jairo Cifuente. Miler's strike from the edge of the area was blurred.

For the second half, & quot; Bolillo & quot; Gomez made three changes to Renato Ibarra, Carlos Gruezo and Ayrton Preciado to try to improve the offensive scheme of the tricolor and when the 57th, Jhon Jairo Cifuente stole the ball by Aníbal Godoy in the middle, forward with the ball glued to the right leg and a strong blow , scored the first goal of Ecuador, and his second goal with a tricolor.

As a result of the achieved goal, Ecuador again lost control of the ball, while Panama thanks to their changes managed to reach the dangerous area and 82 'Máximo Banguera had a bad performance and admitted the corner. Omar Browne accused of a foul and Harold Cummings on 84 'to corner from the corner, Juan Carlos Paredes predicted and header scored for Panama.

However, at the final stage of the encounter, Énner Valencia appeared in the show's skill and with an exceptional break in the profession, he avoided the mark of three Panamanian defenders, filtered to the field and defining to win the second goal of Ecuador when Sat won the 87th minute match.

The match was led by American nationality Armando Villarreal, and was aided by his fellow countrymen Corey Parker and Jeff Hosking. The fourth judge was Panamanian José Kelly.

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