Saturday , February 27 2021

Facebook virus: Police officer surprised his partner with an unusual love madness of tendencies

The following Facebook video will move you to tears, as shown by loves madness, Mladic decided to do so to surprise his partner who worked. The girl, the police, was in front of the shopping center in Paucarpati in Arequipi and her reaction will be delighted.

The video shows how the young man is dressed from head to toe payasito and his musician was surprised by his partner who was a cop. The girl belongs Police traffic and she was observed a bit embarrassed and surprised by the gesture because she was in working hours.

Nice surprise This makes the cop even more impressed because the young man carries the signs where he writes all the love he feels towards her. The young man changes his charts into music rhythm. "If you ever feel lonely, I'll be with you. I love you", Read Writing.

The young policeman excited with a beautiful surprise finally smiled and embraced the boy.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Paula Medine, who mentioned it in that release no obstacles or schedules to show the love he has for his partner. Several comments have been added to this for the young couple.

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