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Find the relationship between car and Alzheimer's disease

The Mexican researcher discovers the association between wormwood consumption and multiple diseases, including asthma and Alzheimer's disease.

The ratio of beverage consumption to drinks popularized by the US industry with obesity and diabetes can not be surprising, because it is known that a large amount of sugar usually contains but is now a researcher at the National Autonomous University. Mexico (UNAM) has discovered that it can also cause asthma, decalcification, and even Alzheimer's disease.

Laura Moreno Altamirano, a researcher at the Department of Public Health at the UNAM Medical School, warned in the statements that the portal published this Saturday Truth that such non-alcoholic beverages not only lost their original function of digestive syrups, but that the chemicals they usually contain make them very dangerous.

The researcher lists five fundamental problems of these carbonated drinks, the first of which is the weakening of the bones that cause phosphoric acid, which also contains the iron absorption difficulties created by the combination of this acid with huge amounts of sugar. are added, which also increases the inclination to infections.

In addition, this sugar promotes insulin levels, leading to obesity and diabetes, and with caffeine creates dependence, stimulating pleasure-producing hormones. To make things worse, the E-150 adds metabolism and leads to anemia, depression and confusion; and if large amounts, including brain damage, memory loss, mental confusion, Alzheimer's disease and retinal and nervous system damage.

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