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Follow these tips as climate changes do not affect the health of your children Health Prevention

Pregnancy and allergies During those months before the days of intense sunlight are very common, but as simple as it seems at the beginning, they can be complicated if they are not cured in time. According to Dr. Javier Jube Rebaze, an experienced pulmologist, said spring is a period of sudden temperature changes, which increases the inflammatory processes of the respiratory system in children at home.

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Therefore, before the possible occurrence of respiratory tract infections, such as colds, Dr. Javier Jugo Rebaza warns of taking care of those small:

1 – Recommend your children to remove their coats (jackets or coats) for sports and recreational activities. This will prevent them from starting to sweat when they are exposed to damp clothing and the air stream will break them.

2 – Keep in mind that your children always wear warm clothes if they are leaving the house at the end of the afternoon, cover the body before cutting the temperature or wind and avoid cooling.

3- Treatment and treatment of initial symptoms of respiratory processes (nasal discharge, cough, fever, sore throat). Since coldness can be complicated if not treated on time, especially if the child often suffers from allergic symptoms.

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4- Children who have a history of previous allergies or who are usually sick at this time need to go to control to differ from the new contagious process or irritation of the allergy.

5- If a child has a high temperature – more than 38 ° C – or if after a mild process, the cold symptoms reappear after 2 or 3 days, you should take a medical assessment.

6- Before demanding or disturbed coughing, as well as having trouble sleeping, deserves special attention.

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