Generic Medicines: Features of these drugs that cost 10 times less than a brand name | present

The government approved public and private pharmacies generic medicines for mental health illnesses, diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory infections and more, Its price may be up to 10 times lower than a "brand", but doubts are raised about the differences between the two.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Peru states this have the same "active principles" and the difference in price is due to the exclusivity of the patent and the laboratory.

Celia Linares, Pharmaceutical Chemist and Regulatory Manager at Sanofi Genfar, explains that generic products:

- They have the same amount of active substance as the innovators, meet the quality standards required by Digemid and demonstrate their efficacy with therapeutic equivalence tests.

- Usually they have no commercial name, but chemical.

- They cost less not including research, development and patent costs.

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