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Glovo will use its services directed towards supermarkets and stores

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The founder and CEO of Glovo said Lima is the number one city in global rankings, which include categories such as gastronomy, messaging and supermarkets.

Today's Peruvian consumer is increasingly seeking more convenience and convenience to buy from home through mobile apps. Given this growing trend, the Spanish company Glovo has targeted retailers operating in the country for delivery in less than 45 minutes.

During his visit to Peru, CEO and founder of Glovo, Oscar Pierre, announced that the company aims to influence the food (food) category as the second vertical in both quantity and frequency of orders, both for convenience purchases and replacement purchases, through alliances with local retailers , such as supermarkets and shops.

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"We are currently working with Tambo + and Tottus; We have worked with Plaza Vea in the past, but they have decided to create their own shipping channel. However, we are ready to work with all supermarkets to give the customer a better shopping experience," said the CEO .

It should be noted that Glovo seeks to test existing business models in Peru in countries such as Spain and Argentina as Glovo supermarket. In both countries, the Spanish startup has its warehouse with more than 1,000 references, including products such as groceries, cleaning products, beverages, personal care. This service is not yet open to the public and only accepts customer orders through the app.

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"From our app, the company participates in the orders of its Super Glovo service, aiming to provide customers with products that are suitable for shorter delivery times and competitive prices," said Glovo's founder.


Currently, Glovo is present in Lima and in provinces such as Piura, Trujillo, Chiclayo and Arequipa; More cities are coming soon in the coming weeks. "We often analyze entry into new markets where e-commerce still has growth opportunities," said Oscar Pierre.

Abroad, the Glovo service is available in large urban areas of Spain, such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Seville, Malaga; in Rome and Milan (Italy), Paris (France), Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

According to a study by Glovo, Lima is the city with the highest number of orders per month, making it the global number one. That is why it is very important for Glovo to continue innovating in Peru to provide a better user experience.

"It should be noted that the gastronomic sector has grown exponentially (80%) in recent years, and delivery is a very great opportunity to further strengthen this growth," said Oscar Pierre, CEO of Glovo.


Aiming to double the volume of sales and market penetration in Peru, Glovo also announced the launch of Cook Room, a new space equipped with custom kitchens exclusively offered to its partners so they can improve their food delivery service. at home

In addition, it offers an avant-garde kitchen solution that allows them to experience new products to create and customize for themselves. He chose Glovo for his first show at Wing, Oceanika, Hikari, Casimiro and Picogallo, among the restaurants that started this new challenge a few months ago. A different location will be implemented in the coming months.


Likewise, Glovo offers not only customer service but also Peruvian companies, its Glovo Business Service. A daily network messaging service for businesses and small businesses. This service enables them to schedule the delivery of their products, documents or materials in an easy and flexible manner, with online monitoring, motorcycle care and 24-hour support, among other benefits.

To realize these plans, the CEO of Glovo has announced that it will invest € 15 million in the Peruvian market by the end of 2020 focused on supermarkets, the Chef's Room and Glovo Business. "In the last 12 months, we have made two rounds of investment totaling more than $ 300 million," he added.

By 2020, the company also expects to consolidate 3.2 million monthly orders and reach 30 million transactions per month in the Peruvian market.

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