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Huawei | What will happen to your new operating system after Trumpa's release? | Technology and Science Mobile phone

The G20 summit brought good news Huawei, US President Donald Trump announced that his country's companies could sell their products to the Chinese giant, with whom the veto introduced in May is partially reversed.

Many used components Huawei because their phones are manufactured in the US, so this notice this means a big substitute for the company which has recorded significant losses in the last few weeks.

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However, Trump He did not give more details about his decision and it is unknown whether this measure will extend to all US products it uses Huawei, including software, or just reduced to physical components.

"We're talking about equipment this is not a major problem for national security "Trump said.

So far Huawei uses AndroidGoogle's operating system for all its terminals, but it would stop happening on August 19, when Trump's government decision came into force. So the Chinese company announced it the HongMen operating system will make it available throughout the year, developing for 7 years.

Huawei You need to make a decision: you will continue with the plan to implement your own mobile ecosystem or you will continue to use androidIt is true that we will know whether the decision will be extended to the operating system after a new meeting that will be held by Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping this Sunday or Tuesday.

Despite this measure, Huawei could decide to pursue HongMen's plan to implement For smartphones, you can extend the times you've worked with or will go back to the previous state: only use Android.

In any case, experts consider it Huawei It's an important challenge to position your operating system, considering that the market is dominated by iOS, Apple and Android. while Huawei is number two in the world smartphone market, millions of users are accustomed to the Google system.

"It's our plan B. But of course we would rather work together with the ecosystems of Google and Microsoft," said Richard Yu, CEO of Consumer Products Group, in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt in March. .

After the announcement, the company told the official Chinese newspaper Global Times that HongMeng "Gradually it will replace Android".

At the end of the month, Huawei made the EU patent application for the operating system and the compiler called Ark OS, so that the system could reach the region. On May 27, the company filed another patent petition named HongMeng before Indecopia.

I think, Huawei's B plan is pretty advanced, but I would still look for options. According to recent information, I would also evaluate operating system of Russian origin: This is Aurora, an operating system created in Russia based on an open source code of Finnish origin called Sailfish.

Obviously, Huawei It does not want to fail with the operating system, because there are already some in this respect. The most obvious example is that Microsoft, which in 2010 tried to launch the mobile version of its famous Windows, but managed to offer it only on its phones. Windows Phone was not successful, and Microsoft left the 2017 adventure. The system disappeared at the end of 2019.

As for the system "without rights" Twelve developed by Samsung, remains confidential.

The challenge, according to experts, is that it takes years to earn trust of smart phone manufacturers and developers applications so that they adopt their programs on the new system, so that users will be tempted by a variety of offers.

The concept of exploitation system "is effectively and successfully extremely difficult," claims Ryan Whale from the Center for Law and Technology at the University of Hong Kong.

Huawei will be burdened with the "competitive handicap", as its competitors will continue to use on the market android, he added.

In the end, you can count on it being adopted by other Chinese producers, such as Oppo or Xiaomi.

But without access to full version android, Google services, and many apps available in Google Play, the Chinese giant might find it difficult to persuade consumers outside China to buy their phones.

The manufacturer overwhelmed, especially in Europe, thanks to its sophisticated equipment, praised by fphotographic contributions.

Huawei "I was well aware that as a telecommunication div would be." […] to control major technologies, "AFP Wong Kam Fai, professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, told AFP.

"They already have their system but are not ready to" spread it, he noticed.

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