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Instagram: Cristiano Ronaldo near the player in the wardrobe, but behind him was his brave partner[FOTO]

13 November 2018 13.15.

Censored. Juventus faced last weekend Milan from the Italian league and Cristiano Ronalda's rivals team asked him to take a picture. However, they did not notice a partner who was naked behind the CR7 and pictures on Instagram went around the world

Juventus has comfortably won Milan 2-0, and one of the goals achieved an outstanding figure in Torin's Cristian Ronaldo's betting. At the end of the game, young footballer Raoul Bellanova asked the CR7 to search for a photo and to be envious of the Milan youths, but all ended up showing the player completely naked and unsettled responded to what had happened.

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A player who had nothing to do with the picture but ended up getting all the blink Giorgio Chiellini, Defender Juventus he was behind both players who took the picture while he was ready to put on his clothes.

Image published in Instagram has created different reactions of all types of tones by the user. Many of the nudists have created photo parodies, while others have rather commented.

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Cristiano Ronaldo he has taken this incident with some humor and now the player will have time to rest because he was not invited by choice of Portugal and the next game Juventus At the end of the month.

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