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Instagram: Yahaira Plasencia receives recognition for her music career in Mexico [VIDEO]

November 10, 2018 20:30.

Yahaira Plasencia broke it in Aztec countries! He did not have to dance the popular song "Mover the Tot" or be the main protagonist of a new scandal with a footballer, but has tried to look great in his career as a singer.

Salsa ship traveled to Mexico for a promotional tour of her short career as a singer and showed on her Instagram account that she was very good.

Yahaira Plasencia in Aztec country has admitted for her career as a singer at the Plaza de las Estrellas on the TV show "Hoy". This was demonstrated by his representative Maritza Rodríguez, who could not hide his emotions.

On the other hand, the Peruvian singer announced through video the exact moment in which recognition of program production was recognized. She was very happy and showed that it was the dream she had of her children.

"I'm very happy because I always wanted it because it was a little girl's dream and now it's a little bit of reality, we still have a lot of work … we're going to go further." I closed my visit to Mexico after I received special recognition for my short career as an artist, "he said. Yahaira Plasencia with weeping emoticons.

In other images that are shared in your account Instagram It can be seen that he premiered a new song titled "You" and showed that Mexicans admire him a lot.

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