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It came to PS4 Death Stranding, the most anticipated video game of the year

A new video game for PlayStation 4 (PS4) Death Stranding, created by Japanese video game developer Hideo Kojima, author of the Metal Gear series, is now available. The game is about Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus), who must travel a desolate landscape full of threats from another world to save humanity from impending extinction.

The cause of all this was the mysterious explosions that shook the planet in the near future and led to a series of supernatural events known as the Koms of Death.

"Death of Death" moves players to territory – United States – devastated by disaster. One of the elements that squeezed the followers in the game's first revealed images was that Reedus does his job while carrying Bridge Baby (BB), which looks like a portable incubator with a baby.

The images of "Stranding Death" surprised his hyperrealism. The graphic engine used (Tenth) has brought to the extreme the realism of the scene, with evocative natural landscapes and scenes that look out of the actual movie. The proposal flirts with cinema: there are seven cinematic scenes out of more than fifty hours of play, and in them the acting character of the big Hollywood blockbuster embodies the main characters.

Besides Norman Reedus, The video game features actors known as Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner, as well as filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, who plays Deadman.

So this is a video game that according to the official site of the PlayStation "defines the genre" and also It's a "brand new experience" for the PS4 console.

"We will be making films in the future. When you know how to do one thing well, you can do many things well," the Japanese creator announced. This movement, which may look like a turnaround, is linked to his vision of the future of audio-visual content on the Internet. In the coming years, video games will be played in & # 39; streaming & # 39 ;. (…) Then video games, movies and series will compete for the same space – points -. I'm very interested in when video games will be played then. "

The video game can now be purchased in three versions: standard, digital deluxe and collector version. Version standard You can buy it on disc or in digital version via the PlayStation Store download. For your part, deluxe digital version These include the complete game, to be downloaded through the PlayStation Store, the complete set of avatars, Death Stranding: Timefall, which is the original music of the Death Stranding world, and the images behind the cameras. It also includes items such as gafas Ludens Mask & # 39; s gold sunglasses, an exoskeleton reinforced with gold, and a gold off-road exoskeleton, a gold shield (level 2), which can be gained as the action progresses.

Collector's Edition It has a complete set, exclusive Steelbook, 1: 1 scale bridge case, 1: 1 BB capsule statue, Ludens keyring, ten PSN avatars and "Ludens Mask" gold sunglasses to download, Death Stranding Timefall , original Death Stranding music, behind-the-camera images, a golden exoskeleton of power, a golden shield (level 2), and a golden field exoskeleton. The price is 199.95 euros.

This video game means a lot to Kojima, his first job since traumatically leaving for Konami, where he worked for three decades. When he started again, he had nothing, only a relationship with his millions of followers and with key people like Guillermo del Toro. Just that, the importance of relationships and connections with other human beings is what Kojima wants to convey in "Death of Death." "Connection" is an axis that expands the whole gaming experience.

Yesterday at an event in New York, Kojima hoped that players would "enjoy the story" but also relate to each other and feel "that they were not alone."

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