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It seems that the global obsession with Fortneet does not diminish

The fierce, successful Battle Royale Epic Games game breaks down records because, after a recent debut in South Korea, it has just reached its peak of 8.3 million recurring players.

The title is already in season 6, in the seventh week, keeping it updated by running constant content. Currently, it's still a success, as the following picture shows.

Through Epic Games Korea's CEO Sung Chul Park, in an interview (translated VG24 / 7), confirmed a new record that surpassed last February with 3.4 million simultaneous players.

The global obsession with Fortunta does not seem to diminish, on the contrary, it increases because with its arrival in South Korea this figure will be further expanded, it is interesting to reach the area where eSport has so much weight,

Nintendo has confirmed that the epic game has "gained so much momentum" which, since launching this year earlier this year, took "almost half" of all systems around the world. Your gift was an aspect that greatly contributed to this.

This game returns to the store, with a physical release released for the PS4, Xbox One and for the first time on the Nintendo Switch, just in time for the holiday season.

Fortajte: Deep Freeze Bundle that will be available from November 16th. In addition, the Deep Freeze package will also be available as a digital download, with Meristation information.

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