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Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she was the victim of abuse by Harvey Weinstein | Brad Pitt | Diversity Hollywood | shows

Jennifer Aniston has arrived in five decades and, although it seems years have passed, she has lived through all kinds of professional and personal experiences. Nevertheless, she kept her secret experience with Harvey Weinstein a secret.

In a recent interview with Variety, the actress recalled the awkward moment she had to go through because of a former film producer Hollywood, who saw his career decline in 2017 after an extensive list of women, including many celebrities, who accused him of sexual abuse.

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Jennifer Aniston and Harvey Weinstein during the premiere of "Out of Control"

Jennifer Aniston recounted her confession when she recounted her experience during the filming of "Out of Control" (2005) starring actor Clive Owen. This tape was produced by Harvey Weinstein.

"It was dinner on the day of the premiere. I remember sitting at a table with Clive, our producers and my friend. And literally (Weinstein) came to the table and said to his friend," Get up! & # 39; And I I said, "Oh my God. And then my friend got up and moved, and Harvey sat down," the Hollywood actress told the release. "The power of a woman"Journal.

Poster for movie "No Control" (2005)

"It was a demonstration of the level of disgusting and arrogant behavior towards everyone," said Brad Pitt's ex-wife.

But it wasn't all, because before the first incident, the former "Friends" star said it Harvey weinstein He intimidates her by forcing her to wear one of the Marchesa-branded designs, which Georgina Chapman, her ex-wife, founded for the premiere of the action bar.

Jennifer Aniston on the cover of Variety

"He decided to come to London with me while we were making the movie and told me that he would like me to wear one of these (Marches) dresses (…) Simply, his clothes were not for me. But he insisted that he had to wear a dress that was designed by Georgina. Although it didn't help because I said no. What was I supposed to do? Force? " Jennifer Aniston.

Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood sexual predator

In the book, Rose Mcgowan recounts Harvey Weinstein raping her.

In 2017, it was revealed that a Miramax producer had used his power in Hollywood to sexually abuse his workers and some rising stars. Over time, about 80 women condemned Harvey Weinstein, among whom Angelina Jolie. Gwineth Paltrow. Rossana Arquette. Ashley Judd, Look at Sorvino or Rose McGowan, the latter in his book, Bravely, said Harvey raped her in a jacuzzi.

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed that Harvey Weinstein will abuse her soon

actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who was also Brad Pitt's partner, said the former producer Harvey weinstein He tried to rape her. However, at the time, Pitt, with whom he had an affair, threatened a sexual predator to kill him.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Madonna was haunted by Harvey Weinstein

During an interview with New York Times Magazine, Madonna told of the horrible experience she had when working with Harvey Weinstein.

It all happened while filming "In bed with Madonna”, A 1991 documentary that focused on the life of a singer and in production Miramax, a Hollywood-based distributor. "Harvey crossed some lines and boundaries, and I was sexually insinuated. He was married then and, really, not interested. I was aware that I was doing the same with many other women I knew in the business."

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