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Jony Ive, brilliant iPhone, iPod and iMac designer, leaves Apple after 30 years

Jony Ive, the man responsible for making Apple's famous products such as the iPhone, iPod and iMac in 1998, announced on Friday that he will leave the US company.

I said that she withdrew from the company where she helped turn into one of the most prestigious brands on the planet to launch her own venture known as LoveFrom. It will have Apple as its first customer.

"It seems like a natural moment for change," said the British designer.

On the other hand, Apple's president, Tim Cook, pointed out that Ivea's role in "Apple's re-birth can not be ignored".

But the departure of Ive connects several facts that ask questions about the technology divide.

In April, the sales manager, Angela Ahrendts, also abandoned the company, which worried investors, especially after the fall in sales of the iPhone, the leading Apple product.


I've said in the statement: "After 30 years and countless projects, I'm very proud of the many years of work we've done to create a design, process and culture team in Apple that does not have the same."

Little is still known about LoveFrom, but – according to what I said in an interview for the Financial Times – it will be located in California and will focus on mobile technology.

In the interview I noticed that Marc Newson, his collaborator in Apple, will also be part of LoveFrom. In his new team there will also be a "creative collection" coming from different disciplines outside the design.

Jony Ive became the manager of Apple's Design Studio in 1996 when the company had serious financial problems. But thanks to its design, such as iMac 1998 and iPod 2001, the company started its way to re-discover.

Other recognized products that were part of the portfolio were:

  • 2004 – iPod Mini
  • 2007 – iPhone
  • 2008 – MacBook Air
  • 2010 – iPad
  • 2015 – Apple Watch
  • 2016 – AirPods

Apple's founder Steve Jobs once said, "If I have a spiritual partner in Apple, that's Jony."

One of the latest designer projects was to complete the central building, Apple Park, an architectural complex designed with British study Foster.

"Jony's departure is the most significant of the main group that was part of Apple's re-birth," he told BBC Ben Bajaron, an analyst at Creative Strategies.

From 2012 he was in charge of hardware and software design of Apple products, which was previously separate.

The only announcement by the Cupertino company was that it would separate the two departments again. Evans Hankey will take over the vice president of industrial design and Alan Dye will become the head of department design departments.

"Steve Jobs was known as Apple's Lennon-McCartney"

Rory Cellan-Jones. Technological correspondent

Steve Jobs and Jony Ive – Apple's Lennon and McCartney – were a duo of success and it was impossible to understand what the company had become without reviewing what the most creative company in its recent business history did. .

I was a minor figure when the Jobs came back from exile to revive Apple. He chose a British designer because he saw him as a kind of spirit who shared his obsession with the idea that the look of the product was just as important as the technology he was wearing in his interior.

The first success was the iMac, which broke out with the monochrome long box model that dominated the market of personal computers and showed that they could be beautiful design objects.

This success was followed by the iPod, iPhone and iPad, which became the standards that the industry imitated.

Following Steve Jobs's death, speculation was made that Jony Ive could become Apple's new boss.

However, he remained the head of design while Tim Cook took over a profitable machine that the apple company had become.

In recent years it has been harder to see the magical touch of Ivea. While Airpods can be a new classy, ​​expensive MacPro monitors (which cost 999 USD) can symbolize how few of your fans seem to care for your pocket.

But in spite of this, the man who started to design the toilets and toothbrushes and eventually delivered the most profitable product in history, the iPhone, has a guaranteed position in business books.

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