Tuesday , January 26 2021

Karla Tarazona to Isabel Acevedo: "I could not respect her because she did not respect my house" | VIDEO | Picture 1 of 4 | shows

Relax! Karla Tarazona has said she is against bullying and violence against women, but in the case of & # 39; Chabelita & # 39; she could not respect her.

"What is happening is that they misunderstood my comments. They wondered what I was thinking about Mickey's mouse, I just said that when they were small, they are called tiny mice and then the mouse until it comes to the rat and from there to the mucus (laughter), that's why this was a comment, but he would never even refer to anyone else on it, Karla asked.

So, would not she ever talk about a woman?
There is a woman I respect. I am against violence against women, but in my situation I could not respect someone who did not respect my home.

Many people criticize you because you are talking about the daddy of your children …
Of course, somebody is behaving badly and should go out and say: Everything is happiness, everything is fine and puts a star on the foreheads like good fathers. But I did not, I was always a honest and clear person. When something's fine, I'll say it, and when it's wrong. I've never been a hypocrite, I always write points, because it's a real thing for me to tell them what they are. I do not have to hide anybody.

Monica Cabrejos was one of them?
My love, I do not have time to promote other people's events, leave it. It was promoted to itself, because no one could answer, had to grab the other one, but it was wrong with me, I never answered, and I do not care.

Are you interested in that?
I am happy that my friends are happy as well as my friend Sara Manrique and her pregnancy.

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