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Karol G Instagram: Singer Shows Nipples In Her New Video With Nicki Minaj And Anuel AA Declares Her Love | Insta | photos shows

Karol G left more than 23 million without a word followers on the Instagram social network with his latest post. It turns out that the Colombian shared a photo of his new video, "Tusa," in collaboration with Nicki Minaj, where he went to see more accounts.

Girl Anuel AA posted on her social networks a picture of her wearing a transparent dress in pink, showing the curves of her body. However, what caught her attention was that there was nothing on top that covered her breasts, only a transparent top.

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Carol punches Anuel AA by showing her breasts in a transparent top.

Carol G only put "Tusa" in the legend, which is the name of the new song. The post did not go unnoticed, especially for Anuel AA who did not hesitate to proclaim everything she felt for her.

"Is there a bigger word that 'I love you'? I reveal it to you every day. I love you, it stays small," the Puerto Rican wrote.

Carol G shows her breasts in a transparent top for her new video "Tusa".

After the romantic message of Anuel AA, Karol G He didn't hesitate to say, "Having you with me is worth more than any word."

Fans were delighted to show love between the two singers as they congratulated them on their strong relationship.

Also, a photo showing a Colombian showing her breasts added 1.364.255 million hearts on Instagram.

It is worth mentioning that this image corresponds to an excerpt from the video "Tusa" in which the duet with American rapper Nicki Minaj is sung. The clip has no days on YouTube and already has 5,073,598 views.

Carol G surprises with her new video "Tusa".

Carol G defends Anuel AA

Recently, the recording of Anuel AA appearing to be playing strippers at a nigth club. The singer has been the subject of harsh criticism, but Karol G took the lead in defense and ensured that the images matched his partner's past, even long before embarking on a relationship with him.

Karol G and Anuel AA have shown that she has one of the strongest relationships in the music medium.

Carol G praises Anuel AA kisses

In one of his publications of Instagram, Karol G is surprised to post a photo with a bold message: "I've never received such a kiss." A celebrity comment reveals certain of his partner's ability to give the best kisses, which his other relationships in the past couldn't do.

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