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Keiko Fujimori: New links have been discovered between César Hinostroze and leader Fuerza Populara policy

New links are between Keiko Fujimori and César Hinostroze. An effective associate – according to Fourth Power – reported that leader Fuerza Popular and former Supreme Judge personally spoke at one of the addresses of the congressman's wife Cecilia Chacón (Lima).

The reason for the meeting would be the interest of Keiko Fujimori, who is currently serving custody for his liaison with Odebrecht. Also, oral dialogue would be in 2018.

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As recalled, in August 2018, the daughter of Alberta Fujimori denied her relationship with the former Supreme Judge (today, a fugitive in Spain). This happened several days after a series of sounds were discovered in which César Hinostroza talked with Antoni Camay about joining "Mrs. K" of Force 1,

"I have never met a judge, I have never met Hinostroz's judge," he said.

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First Appeal by Keiko Fujimori

In line with the alleged relationship between them, the journalism program affirms this thesis by recalling that Keiko Fujimorija's defense in April 2018 filed an appeal to close an investigation against her in the case of cocktails and attachments from the offshore LVF Liberty Institute.

It was released on October 11 of the same year. However, the supposed intention of César Hinostroze to support him is what attracted most attention.

Several days after the appeals were filed, César Hinostroza and Antonio Camayo talked on the phone (May 4); it is heard in it as it is about the next meeting of Mrs. K and César Hinostroze.

On May 24, a date was scheduled to evaluate whether or not the accepted assessment of the cassation appeal was made, and the one who was supposed to re-examine it was chaired by César Hinostroza.

Two days later, César Hinostroza tried to contact secretary Keiko Fujimori, Carmelo Paucará, who did not respond to the call.

Lawyer Carmelo Paucará, Graciela Arce, said her client refused any connection with César Hinostroza.

June 4 in the room presided over by César Hinostroza is one of the three defense arguments of Keiko Fujimori. Subsequently, as explained, the request was rejected; however, the final decision was made at a second hearing where the former judge was not a party.

During that time, the co-ordination for possibly favoring a former candidate comes into force, states Fourth Force. It remains in the hands of the prosecution to continue the investigation.

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