Wednesday , May 12 2021

La Libertad: This is how the Huanchaco canal was after the waves of PHOTOGRAPHIES Shop | Peru | Freedom

At least 100 meters away from a traditional rest house Huanchaco, a highly tourist area in Trujillo, destroyed strong prints between yesterday afternoon and early Wednesday morning, at the height of eight blocks of Larne avenues, about 300 feet north of the mill.

The power of the sea has destroyed the supporting wall of this part of the moles and concrete pavements, apart from affecting the four electric power poles. After the incident, two will be removed and replaced without affecting the electrical fluid in place.

Neighbors Huanchaco They pointed out that two days ago there was an anomalous crease that yesterday reached the highest point. Even the sea reached the track, and the zone was closed to avoid the passage of the vehicle. Affected by at least 30 business objects.

Municipal machines traveled to the hills to remove the remains and allow the land to open the space. It affects the coastal erosion in Trujillo Huanchaco several years. According to experts, the spa has lost a few meters to the beach, as Port Luka retains Salaverry sand traveling from the south to the north and stored on the beaches.

By closing this note the sea continued to grow. The neighbors are afraid that the waves will continue to wreck the shoreline, and the water will reach the facilities in front of the beach.

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