Thursday , June 24 2021

Melissa Klug and Juan Manuel Vargas: Did they have a secret relationship and Jefferson Farfán knew? | Good God! Latin | Chollywood | University shows

Melissa Klug and Juan Manuel Vargas had a secret romance and rumors came to her ears Jefferson Farfán, who had to make a drastic decision and block it from their social networks to the player academic, according to the program Valgame Dios & # 39; Latina.

Program Latin. Valgame Dios & # 39;, asked his former friend Melissa Klug, Evelyn Vela, or near those involved in this controversial news.

"What happened at some time of fun, on the street, in the house, for us are things, they agree … if you do not join a person, they will not invite you to their house." La blanquita & # 39 ; "he admitted Evelyn Vela.

Former friend Melissa Klug did not hold anything and indirectly gave some details of what could happen at those meetings.

"I'm not sure, let her know that she must go to the bathroom, she can not be behind, or that she's my wife," she added. Evelyn Vela.

Meanwhile, Juliana Barrios, sister of her brother-in-law, Melissa Klug, spoke on the front.

"Listen to me, Melissa's brother is my cousin, Melisco's agreement is super friendly, I will not put my hands on fire for anybody, but I do not think he's going to a particular party or, locking anything with & # 39; Crazy, Vargas, should be the man who should be headed, "he said.

However, Melissa Klug did not sit and sound the sound of Charles Tarazoni to clarify the situation.

"I've known him for 16 years, even before he met Jefferson Farfan," said Blanca de Chucuito; however, the program driver & # 39; Válgame Dios & # 39 ;, Rodrigo González Peluchín & # 39;, did not believe in Melissa Klug's statements and convinced the truth would sooner or later come to light.

Melissa Klug and Juan Manuel Vargas and possible secrets of romance, according to "Valgame Dios"

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