Sunday , June 20 2021

Metropolitan: Jorge Muñoz Announces New Meetings With Transport Operators Video | society

The elected Mayor Lima, Jorge Muñoz, met this afternoon with representatives of metropolitan operators to discuss transport issues.

The meeting, agreed on Thursday, in the afternoon, in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), concluded good deals and decisions, as attended by the gathering participants.

"It was a fruitful encounter, we have made a diagnosis of the situation, and there are some things that are beginning to work to have solutions. We will occasionally meet to look for these solutions," said Mayor Jorge Muñoz.

ON hiking tickets In Metropolitan, the elected mayor of Leke, he commented that the proposed solutions were expected and that they are expected to discuss the next meetings to be held.

"Everything is put on the table and solutions are being considered. We still do not have this, obviously, this is the first meeting and we will build solutions to this case," said Jorge Muñoz. Republic

On the other hand, a representative of the Metropolitan Operator, José Luis Díaz, was pleased with the meeting. He also commented that in the development of the next meetings would propose precise and realistic solutions with the aim of implementing improvements in favor of people.

"First of all, we welcome the decision of the current elected mayor to invite all of us, except the Lima municipality. We have another next meeting next Tuesday, but rather to raise direct and concrete situations to do so when you use your position, you can take public benefit measures "he said.

Lima Municipality did not attend the meeting

Hours ahead of dialogue between elected mayor Lim, Jorge Muñoz and Metropolitan Lima representative; Luis Castañeda Lossio announced his absence from the call.

Throughout the statement, Lime County representative stated that "there are legal constraints for municipal corporation officials to formally participate in work desks or similar calls that have been made outside the existing transmission processes".

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