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Milagros Leiva did not appear in the ATV News Matinal Edition and was replaced by Fernando Díaz | shows

Milagros Leiva did not appear in the program schedule for ATV News Morning Edition, In his place was a journalist Fernando Diaz in addition to its driver partner Miraflores Channel.

Why wasn't he in there ATV news? Milagros Leiva-through twitter– He explained the reasons why he would not be in Peru in recent dates.

You can see Milagros Leiva questions SAMU representative about Javier Prada's accident

"Road to the airport. God bless me, I will celebrate my lord father's 90 years, I am traveling alone with my twins for the first time and know that I am accompanied by the force of love. Thanks for the company every day (…) See you next Thursday. Daddy, I'm going there to meet you, "the host wrote ATV October 18th.

Days later, Milagros Leiva shared part of his journey with his twins: Antonia and Joaquin.

Milagros Leiva traveled with her father for his birthday. (Photo: recording)

"" We're the team! "My daughter Antonia told me on the plane that took us from Toronto to Montreal. Lucky face for you, he exclaimed and put a sticker on my forehead. I swear I had infinite tenderness. His brother smiled at him. Joaquin because he said we were really tall, ”the excited mother described.

This Monday, 21.10. ATV News Morning Edition broadcast under power Fernando Diaz and another of the channel's reporters. Without the presence of a program image, the situation news is broadcast minute by minute.

Milagros Leiva traveled with her twins on her father's birthday. (Photo: recording)

In one of his latest tweets Miracles of Leiva He shared an emotional message accompanied by a picture of his two offspring.

"And yes I can make tremendous hardships that make me exhausted, but first of all Joaquin loves Antony, and she loves him, and obviously I need both of them. I don't think I'll ever end up thanking God for the miracle he gave me: being a mother." said the ATV driver.

Milagros Leiva in a live broadcast

Journalist Milagros Leiva was surprised by the sudden appearance of "zombies" in the middle of a television program. The driver yelled in terror in the presence of the actor, who plays the "walking dead."

The driver was selected as the Woman of the Month in September

The respected magazine has selected Milagros Leiva as the most important woman of the month of September. She spread the news through social networks and the same driver, who used her long tune of the morning program to make good news.

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