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Miraflores | Markham's student charged with rape has testified: denied teasing teenagers in America | Photo 1 of 3 | present

Several months have passed since the cancellation Mackenzie Severns, an American teenager named an exclusive school student Markham-reded in Miraflores -You got her. Since the defendant at the time was a minor, his identity was not given (Vicente Pastor): Now he has given his testimony.

The complaint was filed during the Saber raid when Valor de la Verdad driver belonged to the ATV ranks. Even a reporter mentioned that he had received the threat that he would not broadcast a report on the alleged sexual abuse of student students Markham.

In an interview with D, Vicente Pastor she was defending her by pointing out that she had sexual intercourse Mackenzie Severns during a school friends' party Markham.

"These months were hard because I could not go out in the media because I was a minor (…) I could not focus on school," he began. Vicente Pastor in his defense.

According to the accused of rape, Mackenzie Severns gave him a "condom" to have sexual intercourse during the party.

in Vicente Pastor, his "serious mistake" was to tell his fellow Markhams to have sex with him Mackenzie Severns.

"She told me explicitly that I did not say anything, I thought it would not be important to him because he would leave the country and know no one here," she said. Pastor.

Disciple Markham For that he claimed Mackenzie Severns Maybe he was "the only option" for rape because he "thought I was pregnant."

while Mackenzie Severns he pointed out that he had access Vicente Pastor, the young American said she did not want to intimidate and clearly let the student know Markham.

"She never told me she did not tell her to the lady in the house where she wanted to stay longer in the party," she said. Vicente Pastor.

Finally, a disciple Markham sent a message Mackenzie Severns: "Stop lying, you hurt me."


Vicente Pastor is the name of the accused of raping US teenager Mackenzie Severns. (Video: Dan D)

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