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Mónica Cabrejos mocks Yeni Vilcatoma for wanting to be President of Peru | shows

Journalist and writer Mónica Cabrejos has shown that she is no stranger to a political situation by commenting on recent statements Yeni Vilcatoma, who said he planned to run for the presidency of Peru.

After the former congresswoman of the National Force expressed her aspiration to take the presidential seat, many Peruvians were outraged and others scoffed at her.

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Thus, the Radial Conductor of the Capital proved to be one of the strongest villains of Vilcatom, considering that the expansionist was not ready to take over the presidency in Peru.

"If you, as a congressman, said and did what you did, imagine yourself as president. I have nothing personal against her, I think she is not prepared, at least for the presidency in Peru," Cabrejos said during his program at Radio Capital.

Mónica Cabrejos and Yeni Vilcatoma

In addition, the brand new Válgame, a new Latina program, seized the opportunity to laugh Yeni Vilcatoma saying that "all of a sudden (he's getting ready) for the presidency of some Apafe, some board of owners of the condominium where he lives, but for the presidency of Peru, I don't consider it."

Mónica Cabrejos said that the policies of the time she was a congresswoman did not give her a good picture of her, so she could no longer consider her a serious candidate.

"I believe that the image Yeni Vilcatoma left over time in Congress was not the most appropriate for a candidacy taken seriously for the presidency of Peru," he said.

Mónica Cabrejos and Yeni Vilcatoma

Finally, the communicator made it clear that there was no way she could vote for Vilcata so she could become President of Peru.

"I would not vote for her with much honesty. So listen and your projects are good, I think the Presidency of Peru is a very serious position and as voters we need to have a lot of responsibility," the radio host said in her program.

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Monica Cabrejos has sent a message to singer Nacho after offering 15 free tickets so that some Venezuelans can return to their country and not be discriminated against.

"I suggest you take 15 of those who are requisitioned in your country, not 15, because we want the good ones, take the 15 who have criminal records in your country," the journalist said.

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