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NASA's InSight probe stuck to Mars

Problem: NASA InSight robotic training stuck in Mars. They believe that by performing some "maneuvers" they will be able to save themselves.

There are no encouraging news for NASA scientists and fans of Mars: Mars's ground caught the InSight robot exercise; whose mission is to be analyzed seismic movements Measure the temperature on the red planet and study variations of the north pole in its orbit around the sun, for which, of course, use your drill … which is now immobilized.

Bad news: NASA's InSight probe stumbled on Mars

How NASA plans to save InSight on Mars

While a small robot in distress away from home, scientists are already analyzing how they can get rid of some maneuvers. One of the problems they pose is that they do not know exactly what is happening with HP3 (drill or mole); they only know from March 2 he did not have any activity

For now, everything that the space agency has planned is to test 10 to 15 meters; which will enable the robot seismometer to hear the drill hitting what captured it. So I can know exactly what they are facing.

We hope that the researchers will be fortunate and soon the small and valuable InSight will be free to explore the universe and look for people's answers.

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