Tuesday , June 15 2021

New Google Maps let you see Mars largely

Researchers from the Arizona State University (NAS) recorded NASA data and created interesting and accurate maps of Mars.

Now Google has taken them interactively to the portal.

They are the most accurate maps of planets that have been developed so far. The Google Mars website is now available and used in a similar way as Google Maps.

Satellite data is high precision and allows visitors to explore the surface in detail, showing dunes, craters, spaceships, and almost all regions.

It can be seen in three variants, thanks to the map of elevation where you can see topography of the planet, a gray that allows you to see more detail of the surface and one of the images in the infrared spectrum, meaning that it is a fayerwayer.

The way to use is simple: you can zoom in to view the pictures in detail or look for more precise information in the nine categories above, here you can check the map.

A marvelous picture of Mars captured by the orbiter Mars Express has been released recently, and speculated on the alleged eruption of the red planet. Finally, scientists have explained why this phenomenon has come to fruition.

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