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New Karius thing: hat-trick & # 39; mistakes in the same game

from karius He left Liverpool after his fatal finals of the Champions League, it seems that things are not all right. The German goalkeeper went to Turkey to take the goal of Besiktas, where he played as a goalkeeper. Its mission is clear: to recover the level and confidence moving away from the media focusThe first thing is that, though it has not been achieved. While others until today are completely impossible and every mistake you make is subject to news, as we saw this season.

Today will also be the news for that. But not because of a specific mistake, but because it marked the asterisk catastrophic performance which could cost your team. It was in the Europa League match against Norway's Sarpsborg and Besiktas was forced to win in order to continue qualifying for the next round of competition. However, Karius did not ease his colleagues.

Already in the first minute, the sample does not measure space and time. a false start who had his first goal after the game.

In this, it is necessary to give some kind of credit to the local player Tobias Heintz, which connects a brilliant shot to puncture the goal. However, Karius was much more advanced than it should be, which makes things easier for your rival. Besides, he remained calm and did not even make a gesture of going to the ball. 2-0 in six minutes.

After admitting two goals in which he had a lot of responsibility, the goalkeeper was acting in tragic scene Match When he went for the ball that touched the rival, he ended the stumbling and falling on the grass. Luckily for him, the ball went out and not the goal.

After that hat-trick mistakes, his colleagues put batteries to climb Includes a match with the goal at the last minute. Turks have won 2-3 and are still living in Europe … despite Karius.

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