Wednesday , January 20 2021

Paula Manzanal shows her notorious figures with sexy dance just a few days after her birth

Paula Manzanal It is presumed to be at the best of his life, after his birth was born Valentino, the fruit of the relationship he had with exchico reality Jordan DaviesHowever, the recent model surprised its followers by demonstrating the physical condition it only had a few days before birth.


Despite being imperfect because of the delicate situation in which her son was in the womb and the medical rest that normal doctors showed after this surgery, the reality of exchica was stimulated to dance for a few seconds of known salsa while wearing a newborn.

It should be noted that Paula Manzanal cares for the child only after the end of her relationship with the child's father, but apparently it did not affect the emotions because she cares about the baby at home and he does it in a very funny way.

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