Saturday , January 16 2021

People's Choice Awards 2018: Victoria Beckham Tells Spice Girls After Awarding Fashion Show Icon 1 of 4 | Displays | International shows

Victoria Beckham (44) will not join Spice Girls in her UK tour, but it did not prevent her line of clothing from continuing with "female power," and women feel the best of her own.

The fashion designer celebrates 10 years of his company and received the Fashion Icon Award in People's Choice Awards, which is why he came to the stage and sent the message to his followers.

Speech Victoria Beckhan surprised viewers referring the reference to Spice Girls paraphrasing part of the song "Wannabe".

"I've always told myself, the dream is big, and then even bigger," he said at first. Victoria Beckham after winning the prize at the ceremony People's Choice Awards; Later he noted that someone had said that he should give people what they really want, what they really want, what they really want, what they really want. "

Comment Victoria Beckham comes after he found out he would not join Spice Girls on the stage, but it will always support them.

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