Wednesday , July 28 2021

Pokémon Go: Two Fourth Generation Creatures Coming To Video Games | Technology and Science Video Games

A famous mobile game for Niantic and Nintendo, Pokémon Go He got two new generations of the fourth generation. Through the Twitter account of the game, Budew and Buizel, two creatures from Sinnoh region, have been released.

budew is the pokemon of the plant / poison that was introduced in the fourth generation. This is the form preceded by Roselij (creature Hoenn), ie Pokémon breeding.

This pokemon lives alongside a pool of clean water and widespread pollen that causes sneezing. There is a specialty that winter closes the cocoon to protect it from cold; but in spring it opens and spreads pollen.

In the meantime, Buizel is a water-based pokemon based on the sea turtle; although there are plenty of features as well. It has a floating neck that serves to float face up. Its habitat is located in rivers, lakes and lagoons. They want to dive into the water so it is difficult to see them with the naked eye.

Buizel is also known because in the souls "Pokémon" was one of Ash's followers.

On the other hand, Niantic has launched a new event after Halloween ends. On Twitter, he announced that coaches would be able to get double the amount of stardust in openings and egg catches until next Tuesday, November 13th.

So, coaches have enough time to hold these Pokémon and get extra starburst.

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