River Plate Vs. Flamengo | Marcelo Gallardo disapproves of the Copa Libertadores final in Lima

coach River Plate by Marcelo Gallardo, He regretted that the 2019 Copa Libertadores final was not in dispute in Santiago, Chile. He noted that the change of venue would show deep sadness for fans who will not be able to attend the match, which will now be played at the Monumental de Ate in Lima.

"I do not know if we are culturally prepared on our continent for such changes. The fan is the one who suffers the most because he is not used to it and the distances in South America are long. We already had a problem last year that we couldn't enjoy the finale with our people. It is a double disappointment of fans for not being able to enjoy this finale, "said Gallardo, who recalled that the previous Cup final was played in Madrid.

But the doll later acknowledged that Conmebol's decision was "reasonable," since he was unable to play in Santiago because of the political and social crisis in Chile. Although he touched on the situation that fans who planned to travel to the Chilean capital will experience.

"I really regret the fan who has put a lot of effort in recent weeks to be able to be in Santiago, which is not going to be much of a tip, and then a change of leadership is a double effort," he said.

River Plate will face Flameng in the Cup final at Monumental de Ate, in the clash on November 23 from 3 in the afternoon (Peruvian time).

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