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Sex | Health Do you like to kiss? Get to know the benefits of this gesture of love toward your health couple

June 28, 2019 at 18:45.

According to scientific studies, with the way a kiss we will know steam and notice how good we are in sex and, by the way, we will gain from the body and mind, not forgetting that it is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs.

Moreover, you can a kiss in different ways to show different feelings and emotions. However, no matter what the reason we are receiving or kissing, the benefits that this act brings to health are indeed incredible. Discover them below:

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1. Increase the "hormone of the happy"

As you know, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine are responsible for your emotional well-being, and when you kiss, they exponentially increase, feel relaxed but at the same time reactive, while your self-esteem strengthens as well as exercising.

2. Heart will thank you

a kiss the passion detonates so that the rhythm of your heartbeats rhythmically increases and the arteries are spreading, so blood flows smoothly. If you suffer from headaches or cramps, this healthy process can eliminate them.

3. Prevents the creation of cavities

How do you read it? to a kiss, has more saliva production, an element that helps in the fight against plaque in the teeth.

4. Burning calories

We can eliminate 8 to 10 calories with a good session kisses passionate, those who even shake us.

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5. Apply the face

During this wonderful action, we move around 34 muscles of the face so that this is the perfect excuse for exercising our faces.

6. Secure the connection

No doubt, a kiss the beloved person conveys the desire, confidence and security and strengthens the bond between the two sides. It does not matter if they are together, kissing without stopping: that the first gesture is to meet a good kiss and forgive.

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